How to break up with an unfulfilling job

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How to break up with an unfulfilling job

Published: 12/02/2019

How to break up with an unfulfilling job

We’ve all been there. Saying goodbye to a relationship that isn’t good for you, that also holds you back. It can be scary letting go of your comfort zone, taking a bold leap into the unknown but you know in the end it will all be worth it. That’s why it can be difficult to leave your job when you’ve grown so accustomed to stable finances, the same faces every day that you’ve grown to love and regular routine.              

However, if you continue thinking about the what-ifs or looking at the benefits of your current job that you’ve appreciated over the years, despite the fact that you aren’t satisfied, you may end up resenting your choice to stay, become distant from your co-workers, or your motivation may take a hit, affecting your ability to grow within your career, getting stuck whilst the rest steam on ahead. So how do you break up with an unfulfilling job?

If you find yourself in this situation, fully aware that your job drains you, neglects long-term goals, or puts a strain on your personal life yet still emotionally attached, here are a few ways you can get motivated to break it off for good:


Make a Pros and Cons list

Sometimes you have to see it to believe, so by writing a list of the benefits you’ll get from staying and the benefits of moving on can be all you need to make up your mind. Being able to clearly see the best and worst parts of your current job can also help in structuring that difficult conversation you’re already dreading with your boss.

By identifying problems you’ll also identify room for improvement so if you do decide to stay in your current job, it’s important you voice your opinions constructively and share your ideas for improvement. Having a well thought out Pros and cons list can help you articulate clearly without your emotions getting in the way. If you do decide to resign, by making this list you’ve identified the things that negatively affect your ability to perform at your best as well as identifying things you feel you need to progress in your career.


Educate yourself on trends and opportunities in your industry

Researching your industry can open your eyes to new opportunities that don’t and may never exist in your current company. Having this knowledge will make you feel less concerned about job searching again. When you educate yourself on industry trends and see who’s hiring, you also become more knowledgeable of the career landscape around you. Knowing what you can offer and whether what you are looking for fits the demands of the industry will mean you have a great advantage over other job seekers.  


Get rid of company memories

You thought making the list was the hard bit? Now you have to keep doubt at bay. All the Pro’s you listed will begin to glare at you like bright headlights, following you around bringing guilt and a fear that you won’t be able to achieve any better than what you already have. Once you’ve decided to break up with your unfulfilling job, you HAVE to stick by your decision and focus on the new opportunities ahead instead of the opportunities of the past. Remind yourself to always move forward and not backwards.

However, just because your decision to leave is final doesn’t mean you can let your standard of work slip. Do you really want to leave your colleagues and employers with such a negative last impression? Don’t slack off, shun your team, and start breaking company policies, in doing so you risk your reputation if you work in a niche industry and may unwillingly sacrifice your right to a glowing reference. Put your best foot forward until the very end, continue to be the co-worker everyone can count on, take on more work to prepare your company for your absence, and start weaning yourself off relations with co-workers.


Stand up to the what-ifs

Everybody knows that starting a new job search is intimidating, but don’t let fear hold you hostage in a job that just doesn’t fit your bigger picture. It’s okay to want a change in your life, and you deserve to do what makes you happy. An easy way to combat those pesky what-if thoughts is to challenge them. Remember what you have already achieved and the value that you bring to your current and future job. Staying positive and training yourself to think this way will help you stay motivated and build confidence in yourself. 


Make moving on easy with Future Personnel. Like any breakup you need support and our consultants will always have your back. Searching for a new job can be an emotional roller-coaster, yet a great learning experience. Our consultants are on hand to provide expert advice, connect you with the right opportunities and to support you through this transition. Registering with Future Personnel, you’ll speak face to face with a consultant about your long-term goals and have the opportunity to tell the consultant about your list; what held you back and what you feel you need in your next job.

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